Domaine de la Croustille

Domaine de la Croustille, a brand founded by Jim Jastszebeski, a potato farmer in the Médoc region of France, and Laurent Cavard, a French fries specialist from Brittany. The combination of Jim and Laurent's expertise has resulted in a unique product that combines Premium Handcrafted French Fries with unparalleled aroma and texture.

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La Chips Millésime” are Premium Potato Chips

Clay soils, alluvial plains as well as a temperate and sunny climate make it possible to grow top quality potatoes perfect for the production of high quality chips (high dry matter content, low sugar content, conservation). The limited and non-expandable production area guarantees that Millésime Chips will continue to be handcrafted without any compromise in quality.

The potatoes are of superior quality, specific for frying and selected for their quality, flavor and color (Lady Amarilla, Agria and Fontane varieties). 100% Sunflower Oil with a high oleic acid content, guerande salt rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and mineral elements and top ingredients to guarantee a premium artisanal fries worthy of the Millésime designation.

The frying process is slow and at a low temperature (155°C) compared to the industrialized process (180°C). Cut the potato a little thicker to ensure crunchiness and delicious flavor. The superior frying time, 7 minutes compared to 4 minutes for the classic process and a low flow rate of 150kg/hour compared to 1000kg/hour for the classic process are the compromises needed to produce fries worthy of the Chips Millésime designation.

A package with a premium design that guarantees maximum protection (flat base with four well-marked sides that highlight and protect the chips).

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