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Born in 1996, Forest Feast is a company dedicated to the creation of bold snacks with excellent flavor, using the best ingredients from all over the world. In addition to the traditional dried fruits, its range also includes sun-dried fruits, many of them exotic.

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A delicious snack for any occasion

Forest Feast is a team of dedicated gourmets, tree climbers and changemakers who travel the world in search of the best ingredients to bring back to Northern Ireland facilities.

The company grew out of a small family business created in 1996 that started with the famous Exotic Dried Mango from the lush forests of the Philippines. Today, mango continues to be a favorite of the family, but since then, many other fruits, nuts, nuts and tastier ‘snacks’ have been added to the collection. So whether you are camping, going to the park, relaxing around a fire or venturing out at the kitchen table, Forest Feast is the ideal snack.

Forest Feast is concerned with sustainable supply, going beyond borders to fulfill the long-term commitment to responsible supply. The company only works with suppliers who also prioritize the health, safety and well-being of their employees.

For example, the famous Exotic Dried Mango comes exclusively from PREDA Fair Trade in the Philippines, run by Nobel Peace Prize candidate Shay Cullen.

They also strive to reduce their environmental footprint by examining fruits, nuts and snacks to ensure that soy and palm oil sometimes used by suppliers is, wherever possible, from a sustainable source and, if not, influencing it. them to make a change for the better.

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