Huileries de Lapalisse

“Lapalisse” has preserved the artisanal know-how of its founder Abel Paillard, producing oils of excellence for more than 118 years. Today, it promotes respect for tradition and flavor, developing ranges where the flavors and smells of nature are signs of elegance.

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The “Lapalisse” mill has been producing oils of excellence for over 118 years

It all started in 1898 in a small village in the Palisse region of France where Abel Paillard began to produce walnut oil. Observer and persistent, Abel becomes a master at this craft and for 30 years studies and tests various options and ways to achieve perfection with regard to quality oil production. The “Lapalisse” press has preserved this skill pierced by master Abel producing oils of excellence for over 118 years.

The olive press’s reputation was built around its excellent production of chestnut oil and the legacy is passed on by the same family from generation to generation. The olive press proudly reaffirms its attachment to its founder’s ancestral knowledge. Today, it promotes respect for tradition and flavour, with a view to developing flavour ranges where nature is a sign of elegance dominating a gourmet directory that allows those who experience them to travel back in time through exceptional smell and taste.

With more than 35 varieties, including walnut, hazelnut, pistachio, almond and coconut, Lapalisse works daily to ensure consistent quality and safety, performing an analysis at every stage of manufacturing. Fruity, full-bodied, delicate and, when requested, spicy, Lapalisse oils are a storehouse of flavours and nutritional benefits that can vary spices in almost every culinary association.

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