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With respect and consideration for nature, they seek to create not only healthy but also delicious foods.

In February 2009, Valerio, Kostas and Carlo created Mr Organic with a vision of a positive approach; to every stage of our food production and beyond.

For them, organic didn’t just mean food free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, but also a way of living; – with respect and care for the nature and everyone involved in making their wholesome yummy food. And although Mr Organic is a young brand, their story goes back three generations, when Valerio’s grandfather started producing tomatoes in Italy.

Valerio later on, saw the pitfalls in using pesticides, and through his passionate belief in organic practice, he devised to convert the family business into a fully organic production. It is there where they began working closely with local farmers to harvest our very own tomatoes for a range of award-winning products.

Mr. Organic has been working with the same farmers near their production base in Pontinia just south of Rome, for many years. All their farmers produce only organic tomatoes exclusively for them.
They pre-finance the crop and always guarantee a fair price whilst increasing their production year on year.

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