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Paul and Pippa is more than a family of friendly people who like everything natural, and make it a lifestyle.

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Cookies with natural ingredients

Paul and Pippa were my grandparents with current owners, who always prepared homemade cookies and biscuits. As lovers of quality, they did it with oil and ingredients they bought from farmers they knew.

After a few years, they used the same recipes to be able to share them with the rest of the world and create new flavors, always maintaining their values: natural ingredients of the highest quality, extra virgin olive oil and artisanal production.

Paul and Pippa wanted to adapt them to a casual image and create moments that share the Mediterranean lifestyle.

We spent two years preparing the new recipes with real ingredients, without preservatives, additives or flavorings. We infuse the oil for two days with truffles or basil for example, they use yeast that allow them to rest and maintain the natural flavors of the ingredient itself.

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