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Racines Bio develops a range of products that are ethnic and organic. The products come from the fields and workshops in Senegal, Benin and Madagascar, with the desire to promote local productions and disseminate the natural treasures of the countries where they are present.

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Experts in ethnic groceries, the approach is not exotic, it is authentic!

Togo, Africa 1987.

It is here that Racines writes the first pages of its history, through the creation of a workshop for the production of gari (fermented semolina from cassava). Together with CIRAD (Center for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development), they sought to promote this traditional product, structure and enhance the local sector and reduce arduous manual activity.

The street sweeper in this modest workshop stands out as one of the best in the region. But this small semi-industrial production must not unbalance the local artisanal economy, which is why they decided to market the product in France.

That is how they structure the first sector and market their first product.

It is the beginning of a great adventure, that of making the connection between the culture and cuisine of Africa and the Indian Ocean and introducing it to Europeans, through many authentic, quality and safe products.

The development of Racines is done gradually over the years, until reaching a turnover of 22 million euros in 2020.

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