Onelink is pleased to present you its new product catalog for 2023.
This year we celebrate our 1st decade of existence. Throughout our 10-year journey we have sought to consolidate our presence in the national market as a reference company in the representation of premium food products, structuring our product portfolio in order to anticipate the needs of our customers, in close collaboration with our suppliers.

We continually seek to broaden the range of products that we make available to you in order to offer only the best, at competitive prices and with efficient and personalized customer service.

Our portfolio has a special focus on products related to Healthy Food, namely products without gluten or other allergens, specific products for vegetarian and vegan food as well as products with Organic Certification being the company certified for import and distribution of organic food products.

In 2023, Onelink presents an exceptional range of organic products and safe origin, that only a company certified in the import
certified company in the importation and distribution of organic products can guarantee you.

Travel through the flavors of the world and get to know the gastronomic curiosities and typical recipes of each country. We have novelties in products from the most varied international culinary cultures, with particular emphasis on Oriental Cuisine.

We have also reinforced our bet on national products through various traditional brands with an emphasis on regional products such as fruit sweets, honey, cookies, and traditional confectionery.

We also continue to invest in bySocilink, our brand of specially selected canned food, taking into account the best fish and the best recipes, never neglecting the premium presentation and the authenticity of the manual packaging. All bySocilink canned foods are produced with 100% national fish and without incorporating additives or genetically modified raw materials.

We invite you to travel through this new edition of our catalog and we challenge you to stay tuned to our website and Facebook page, where we will continue to share with you all the news about our products, never forgetting their contextualization, explanation contextualization, explanation, suggestions for use and recipes that will surprise you.

Flyer Food Service Selection 2023

The diversification of Onelink’s offer involves a growing focus on the availability of premium products specifically developed for the restaurant and hotel sector, which is materialised in our Food Service section summarised here in our “Food Service Selection 2023”.

We invite you to leaf through our brochure and we challenge you to stay tuned to our website and social networks.

Catalog 2023 Onelink
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