Management Policy

We consider the satisfaction of customers, partners, employees and suppliers to be fundamental requirements for our success. For this reason, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our shared Food Safety Management System, which we aim to develop following a strategy based on the following guidelines:

  • Ensure the quality and food safety of our products in order to respond to the demands of a rigorous and sophisticated market, satisfying the requirements and expectations of our customers;
  • Ensure the transport, storage and traceability of all food products in the best conditions in order to offer our customers safe products that comply with all applicable legal requirements;
  • Continuously invest in an excellent service, ensuring efficient communication channels on issues relating to Food Safety throughout the entire chain;
  • Provide and develop working conditions so that activities can be developed in a favorable environment for a better individual and collective performance of all employees;
  • Ensure the necessary resources to fulfill the company’s objectives and goals;

The Management

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