In 1885, George Delouis started the company with the production of vinegar, but it was his grandson, Philippe, who revolutionized it in 1976 by launching the production of sauces, mayonnaise and mustard. Currently, Delouis is guided by two fundamental principles: innovation and respect for French tradition and cuisine.

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Innovation and respect for French tradition and cuisine.

Georges Delouis decided to launch the vinegar manufacture in 1885.
His son, Pierre Delouis, became his successor but it is truly Philippe Delouis (Pierre’s son) in 1976 who gave a new lease of life to the DELOUIS’ house by manufacturing vinegars, mustards, dressings, sauces and mayonnaise.

Today as in the past, Innovation and Respect of the French Gastronomic traditions are the two guiding principles of the Delouis’ house. To implement them properly, Delouis has its own R&D laboratory and benefits from the experience of great chefs.

Faithful to its motto “The quality through the natural”, Delouis follows the hardiest steps of “Quality and Environment”. It also offers certified organic products that meet the standards of the profession.

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