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Vifranc was founded in 1988 and has been selling and exporting maple syrup products worldwide for over 30 years. Its success is based on offering maple syrup products of superior quality at the best price.

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Top quality maple syrup.

Vifranc was born in 1988 and for over 30 years has been selling and exporting maple syrup products worldwide. Its success is built on offering superior quality maple syrup products at the best price.

The company’s processes—from collection to selection, evaluation, filtration, separation, pasteurization, inspection, grading, sampling, rating, and recording—help Vifranc meet its customers’ highest standards, resulting in a superior quality you can undeniably taste in its maple syrup products. All products are 100% pure, without any conservation agents or artificial flavor and they are certified organic by Ecocert and Kosher by MK.

The food processing industry is developing new products to meet consumers’ demands for natural sweeteners.
Maple Syrup is no longer just the best pancake topping and is being used as an ingredient in yogurts, cakes, cocktails, ice cream, granola bars, and other delicious treats.

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