Lady Joseph

Discover the exquisite biscuits of Josephine Bernaud that turned Salon du The into a meeting place for travelers who stopped to grab their specialties on their way from Haro to Bordeaux back in 1926.

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Artisan cookies made one by one following Lady Joseph's traditional recipe!

Josephine Bernaud prepared her exquisite cookies reminiscent of her childhood in Bordeaux, using local ingredients. The fame of her delicious recipes led her to open her Salon du The in 1926, which became a meeting point where travelers stopped to buy her specialties and taste them on the route between Haro (Logroño, Spain) and Bordeaux. (France).

Her family perpetuates her legacy by continuing today to prepare the same extraordinary recipes and textures to offer a unique selection of exquisite biscuits and cookies under the Lady Joseph brand. Because the meaning of life is to enjoy small pleasures with family and friends.

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