Founded in 1919, the brand is an immediate success for the revolutionary idea of making breadcrumbs and croutons from fresh bread specially produced for the purpose instead of having as a starting point hard bread as was usual at the time.

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Made from fresh bread specially produced for this purpose.

In 1919, the brothers Josef and Carl Leimer took over the patisserie and confectionary Jäger at the town square in Traunstein (Germany). In parallel, they established a wholesale bakery and supplied the retail in the Chiemgau and Rupertigau with fine bakery products. The revolutionary idea to produce breadcrumbs no longer from old bread but from extra baked fresh white-bread was the beginning of an unparalleled success story.
As an innovation for the German market, LEIMER developed croutons, roasted white-bread cubes in interesting flavors.
Due to the development of the organic food market, LEIMER start to offer a number of selected products also in organic quality. For consumers sensitive to gluten, the company launched gluten-free breadcrumbs.

Today, the third generation of the Leimer family takes responsibility for leadership. Leimer continues to expect their products to arrive from Leimer in perfect condition to meet and exceed the rising expectations of consumers.

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