Maison Marc

Maison Marc is known for its 100% French cornichons and 20 hectares of sustainable agriculture. Since 1923, three generations have passed on the secrets of their know-how, preserving the quality of the product. They grow in open fields, without herbicides or insecticides. The gherkins are harvested and sorted by hand, immediately packed without preservatives, to keep all their flavour, freshness and crunchiness.

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No herbicide, no insecticide, no preservative. Cornichons 100% French.

Maison Marc was founded in 1950 by Marc Jeannequin in Burgundy, in the small village of Chemilly-sur-Yonne, France. Where he grew his first gherkins to supply a local canning factory.

In 1975, Florent Jeannequin, Marc Jeannequin’s son, joined the family business and increased gherkin production to meet market demand.

For 25 years, Florent Jeannequin worked for and supplied a famous French industrial group. In the early 2000s, in the face of globalization, all the large specialized industrial groups relocated their production and decided to source from India. French gherkin producers were disappearing.

But, Florent Jeannequin, with the persistence and mission to keep at all costs, the cornichons, a French product.

In 2012, Henry Jeannequin took over the company, and continued with the same goal as his father Florent Jeannequin, to sell to consumers more aware of the origin and quality of the products.

The cornichons are grown and packed by hand. In Chemilly-sur-Yonne, in the grounds of his grandfather Marc Jeannequin’s house, I decided to build my own gherkin factory.

Maison Marc has been committed to the continuous improvement of environmental and sustainable production practices since the beginning. The 20 hectares are in sustainable agriculture. All our fruits and vegetables are produced without herbicides, and insecticides and packed without preservatives.

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