Ori di Langa

Ori di Langa is a brand of Tartuflangue. Ori di Langa is a selection of products designed to offer good food and excellence typical of this environment, where typical specialties are produced with the rarest ingredients.

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To highlight your dishes, hot or cold, with the authentic aroma and flavor of truffles

Ori di Langa is a brand of Tartuflangue. Domenica Bertolusso and Beppe Montanaro, founders of the company, started their experience in the “truffle world” in 1968, marketing the fresh truffle from the Piedmont region.
During that period, their restaurant “Da Beppe”, located in the heart o Ristorante da Beppef Alba, was considered a landmark by truffle and mushrooms lovers and by the Michelin guide. Tartuflanghe was born in 1980 to exploit Beppe’s experience and creativity. The company’s name derives from an intuition that Domenica had: she joined the Italian word for “truffle” with the name of the original territory of this precious tuber, the Langhe area.

Later, The Ori di Langa collection arises from a passion for the typical products of the Langhe area. This land, rich in history and culture and
recently inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, represents a universe where past and present of gastronomy meets.
Ori di Langa has a selection of products conceived to offer fine food and typical excellence from these surroundings, where the typical specialties are produced with the rarest ingredients.
Uniqueness, originality, and individuality: all these features are inner qualities of the Ori di Langa products.
A philosophy that comes to light from the research of the most exquisite ingredients and from the combination of the finest piemontese raw materials.

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