Quinta Nossa Senhora das Neves

Quinta Nossa Senhora das Neves is a brand of Premium Portuguese Olives and Olive Oil, it is produced in the deep Alentejo, Vidigueira. Its range is made up of four varieties from four types of olives that highlight the peculiarities of the varieties that give them body.

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Premium Olive Oil and Olives produced by Quinta Nossa Senhora das Neves, Alentejo

Quinta Nossa Senhora das Neves was born from a strong will, from wanting to produce what is best produced in its Olival. There are four varieties, simple, from four different types of olives refined for the creation of preserved olives and oil with a unique personality.

The varieties are distinguished between Cobrançosa, Galega, Cordovil, and Maçanilha having different characteristics among themselves due to their primordial origin.


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