With a tradition of more than 150 years, Vondelmolen combines a “traditional” gingerbread bakery with the philosophy of a modern family business.

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“Traditional” gingerbread with the philosophy of a modern family business.

Family business with 150 years of history, they are the largest gingerbread bakers in Belgium and the only ones to be recognized as a regional Belgian product. It all started as an oil and grain mill in Vondelbeek, becoming a contemporary company capable of cooking gingerbread on a larger scale, without affecting the tradition, flavor and quality of ours.

In this way, Vondelmolen preserves the characteristics of a traditional Flemish family business and allying itself with the values ​​of a contemporary organization in which it keeps the ecological footprint as small as possible. A merit for which they win several awards!

Vondelmolen only delivers the highest quality honey bread. The ingredients are carefully checked for quality and origin. For example, they do not allow genetically modified raw materials in the production process. In the laboratory they continuously test the quality of raw materials and research innovative techniques to make our gingerbread even better.

The company obtains several quality certificates every year. For example, they are top-level IFS and certified by ACS. This means that they work according to internationally established procedures for making high-quality, food-safe gingerbread. In addition, Vondelmolen has been certified as biological for more than 25 years. They are, therefore, the largest producer of organic gingerbread in the world.

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