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Béghin Say is the most famous sugar brand on the French market. Adapting to the needs of the market, Béghin say has the most complete range on the market. Its products range from pure cane sugar to the latest line of sugar with stevia extracts, in all formats.

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An exceptional product that delights everyone who appreciates a subtle and sophisticated flavor.

At the end of the 18th century, France was the leading sugar trader in Europe and the port of Nantes played an important role in the processing of the cane as it arrived from the islands.
Béghin Say is the most famous sugar brand on the French market. With dozens of references, it has the widest range of the national market. Like its emblematic colour, yellow, the brand is warm, friendly, greedy and dynamic. Beghin Say knows how to adapt throughout its history to consumer expectations, whether with the launch of cane blond sugar in the 1980s or more recently Ligne au Sucre & extracts of Stevia.

Along with sugar cane, sugar beet is one of the two principal sources of sucrose used around the world. In temperate climates, the seeds are sown in March and the harvest (known as the campaign) begins in September.
In the production of sugar beet, Beghin Say involves about 12,000 French farmers from the Tereos Agricultural Cooperative.
Tereos is committed to introducing efficient and sustainable farming practices by adhering to stringent standards, such as those of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative. In order to protect the environment, its sugar production uses almost half of the water it used to use, corresponding to the annual consumption of about 80 000 people.
Once sugar is extracted, beet pulp is used as a feed component and natural fertilizer.

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