Il Tinello del Balsamico

Il Tinello del Balsamico belonging to Il Borgo del Balsamico was developed with a view to a more daily use without ever neglecting its quality. Il Tinello's portfolio includes a range of balsamic vinegars as well as another glaze. All Il Tinello del Balsamico products are prepared exclusively from ingredients from the Modena region.

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Il Tinello del Balsamico was developed with daily use in mind, never neglecting its quality.

ll Tinello del Balsamic is part of a new production line of Il Borgo del Balsamic, a lively and enthusiastic company that never tires of looking for and suggesting new proposals to delight the gourmets taste. The quality is the same as the aging Modena PGI balsamic vinegar line, but the aging in oak barrels is lower.

Il Borgo del Balsamic was born in 1971 after Renzo, the father of Christina and Sylvia (the current owners of the company) sold their high quality fashion company in order to seek high quality balsamic vinegar. To remember and honour the Crotti family’s long experience in fashion, the packaging of “Il Borgo del Balsamic” is distinguished by three colours: yellow, orange and red (for spices), purple (for traditional balsamic), a signature that is recognizable worldwide.
Tinello’s new trilogy has all three of Borgo del Balsamico’s colourful labels: yellow, orange and red, but in the Il Tinello line, the labels are unique and original. As a protagonist, they have a friendly lady busy in culinary preparations that shows the uses of each product.

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