Pineapple Semifrio from the Azores with Biscuit Base

This pineapple semifreddo recipe is a perfect dessert for the height of summer… and beyond! It is served very fresh and has a wonderful pineapple flavor, the whole family will enjoy it.


Preparation Method

  1. Crush the wafer, place in a bowl, and cover with the melted butter;
  2. Place the mixture of the cookies in the bottom of a removable ring mold, spread and press well on the bottom;
  3. Place in the fridge while you prepare the rest of the recipe;
  4. Whip the cream into firm whipped cream and add the condensed milk;
  5. Soak the gelatine sheets, drain them, melt them in the microwave and add them to the cream mixture;
  6. Pour the cream over the cookies and refrigerate to solidify;
  7. Once solidified, remove the mixture from the semi-cold set in the fridge, unscrew the ring and unmold it;
  8. Cover with the Pineapple Jam from the Azores.
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